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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.3 (5) 2013


Toward the jubilee of A.G. Petrenko (1933–2010)page 7–8

Asylgaraeva G.Sh.


Determining the ratio of animal species in the herd of pre-class societiespage 9–55

Stegantsev M.A.

Human teeth in the rites of the Volga tribes during the Bronze Agepage 56–78

Podobed V.A., Usachuk A.N., Tsimidanov V.V.

The state of microbial communities in paleosoils of the solonetz assemblage on the Northern Yergeni upland as indicator of climate humidity within the middle sarmatuan time-window (I c. AD)page 79–90

Khomutova T.E., Demkina T.S., Kashirskaya N.N., Demkin V.A.

A specificity of fi lling-up the cultural layers and dynamics of meat consumption in the town Bulgar (according to archaeozoological material of excavation trench CLXXIX)page 91–102

Yavorskaya L.V.

Investigation osteologic materials of Nizhny Novgorod kremlinpage 103–115

Asylgaraeva G.Sh.

Birds of the Middle Volga region during the V–XVIII сenturies AD (according to archaeological excavations)page 116–144

Askeyev I.V., Galimova D.N., Askeyev O.V.

Craniological features of the citizens of Kostroma in the XIII–XIV centuriespage 145–154

Komarov S.G., Vasilyev S.V.

Construction of the auricle in the course of plastic reconstructing a face from the craniumpage 155–168

Rakhmatullin N.R.

Chemical composition of coins сomplex of the X century from the I Semenovo settlement (Tatarstan Republic)page 169–174

Begovatov E.A., Lebedev V.P., Khramchenkova R.Kh.


Investigation of the Bulgarian burials of pre-Mongolian times in the territory of Astrakhan Regionpage 175–190

Kutukov D.V., Panteleev S.A.

Researches in the central part of the Bulgar ancient hill-fort settlement («House of the handicraftsman»)page 191–199

Gubaydullin A.M.

Critique and Bibliography

Review of the book: Morgunova N.L. Eneolit Volgo-Ural'skogo mezhdurech'ya [The Eneolithic of the Volga-Urals interstream area] (Orenburg, 2011. 220 p.)page 200–208

Stavitsky V.V.


Toward the jubilee of scientist: N.F. Kalinin (1888–1959)page 209–212

Sitdikov A.G., Kharitonovich V.A.

The researcher the medieval town Dzhuketau (the 85th anniversary of T.A. Khlebnikova)page 213–219

Nabiullin N.G.

Toward the jubilee of scientist: N.P. Saluginapage 220–227

Kuznetsova L.V.

Sergey Vladimirovich Vasilyev is 50 years old!page 228–233

Gerasimova M.M.

The Third All-Russian Scientific Conference «The dynamics of modern ecosystems in the Holocene»page 234–238

Galimova M.Sh.