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Поволжская археология

Monuments from Area Town of Madjary (the North Caucasus): current research developments

Babenko V.A. (Stavropol, Russian Federation), Obukhov Yu.D. (Elista, Russian Federation)

page 216–230

UDC 902/904 (470.630)


(972.32 Kb)
The paper features the problem of selection of Golden Horde era sites located in the area neighbouring the town of Majary in the territory of the Middle Kuma valley. The bulk of information about the sites is mostly contained in archival documents relating to the 16th – 18th centuries. At present there is information about 9 sites. The locations of five of them have been discovered. Two sites could possibly be locations of the towns of Majary-al-Jedid and Karakogun, which are known due to numismatic and written sources. The medieval climate and landscape in the region allowed to a certain extent cultivating the Kuma river valley, prone to seasonal flooding. Permanent settlements in the area neighbouring Majary could have been founded in the Upland of the Kuma river valley or the terrace areas above the flood plain in the Kuma river valley or the Kuma tributaries. The areas of the estuaries of the left and the right tributaries of the Kuma river seem promising for the search of Golden Horde era artefacts of everyday life. The sites (“Orlovskoye-1”, 13th – 14th centuries, “Preobrazhenskoye-1”) which are situated in the neighborhood of the Madjary hillfort could relate to the rural area around Majary. Specification of a number of sites situated in some distance from Majary requires a more precise definition.


archaeologyhillfort Madjaryneighbouring areasettlementriverStavropol UplandPrikumskaya Upland

About the author(s)

Babenko Vitaly A. «Heritage» Ltd, Ordzhonikidze Str., 75, Stavropol, 355006, Stavropol Territory, Russian Federation;

Obukhov Yuri D. Kalmyk State University. Pushkin Str., 11, Elista, 358000, Republic of Kalmykia, Russian Federation;