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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.2 (36) 2021


Studies of medieval towns material culture

Contemporary Status of Archaeological Research on Silk Road in Central Asia and Korea and A.N. Bernshtam’s Researches page 8–17

Kang In Uk, Kim Jihon (Seoul, Korea), Aitbayeva Aigerim (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Glassware of Medieval Shamkir Town of Early Islamic Periodpage 18–31

Dostiyev T.M. (Baku, Azerbaijan Republic)

Arched Decorations from Burial Grounds in the Vetluga-Vyatka Interfluve of 10th – 11th Centuriespage 32–42

Nikitina T.B. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)

Treasures of the 10th – 13th Centuries from Materials of Soldirsky I Hillfort Idnakar page 43–52

Ivanova M.G., Russkikh E.L., Sabirova T.M. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Bulgar Coins of Khan Pulad of Izmery Treasure page 53–64

Bugarchev A.I. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Petrov P.N. (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Singatullina A.Z., Sitdikov A.G., Shayhutdinova E.F. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Evidences of Wooden Materials Utilization in Construction of Medieval Mongolian Towns in Eastern Trans-Baikal Region (13th – 14th CC.) page 65–78

Kradin N.N., Baksheeva S.E., Bondarenko O.V. (Vladivostok, Russian Federation), Kovychev E.V. (Chita, Russian Federation), Kharinskiy A.V. (Irkutsk, Russian Federation)

Technical Ceramics from the Pottery Workshop at Sarai-Al-Jedid – Tsarevskoye Settlement page 79–92

Valiulina S.I., Nuretdinova A.R. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

The Frit Ceramic from the Tsarevskoye Settlement in Storage of the State Historical Museumpage 93–106

Boldyreva E.M. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Chronological Paradoxes of Mohammed Shah Bey’ Turbe in the Bahchisaray Townpage 107–120

Kirilko V.P. (Simferopol, Russian Federation)

Eski-Crimea: Introduction to the Historical Topography of the City of the Crimean Khanatepage 121–135

Bocharov S.G. (Sevastopol, Russian Federation)

Exploring the rural districts of Eastern European cities

To the Question about the Functions of Rural Settlements in the Economic System of the Golden Horde page 136–147

Yavorskaya L.V. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

The Village of Suzdal Opolye and Changes in the System Resettlement in the Second Half of the 14th – 15th Centuriespage 148–163

Shpolyanskiy S.V. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Rural District of Russian Federation Town of the Golden Horde Era (based on the materials of the archaeological sites of the district of Nizhny Novgorod)page 164–177

Gribov N.N. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Materials for the Characterization of the Settlement System in the Samara Volga Region in the Golden Horde Periodpage 178–192

Kochkina A.F., Stashenkov D.A. (Samara, Russian Federation)

Raw Materials Sources of Building Materials of Ukek Districtspage 193–202

Kubankin D.A., Zozyrev N.Yu. (Saratov, Russian Federation)

Historical Studies of Pesochnoe Settlement in Saratov Oblast (the issue of the significance of the ceramic complex in the study of the rural settlements of the Golden Horde)page 203–215

Bocharov S.G. (Sevastopol, Russian Federation), Sitdikov A.G. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Monuments from Area Town of Madjary (the North Caucasus): current research developmentspage 216–230

Babenko V.A. (Stavropol, Russian Federation), Obukhov Yu.D. (Elista, Russian Federation)

Rural Neighborhood of Azak According to Numismatic and Ceramic Findings. Interaction between the City and the Rural Populationpage 231–247

Maslovsky A.N., Minaev A.P., Iudin N.I. (Azov, Russian Federation)

List of Abbreviationspage 248–249