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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.2 (2) 2012



The mesolithic – eneolithic flint assemblages from the north part Ik-Belaya interfluent areapage 6–28

Galimova M.Sh.

Buldings materials and metrology of khazar-alan’s Don basin fortspage 29–49

Afanas’ev G.E.

Archaeological evidences for proto-bulgarian presence on territory of the South Bulgariapage 50–65

Borisov B.D.

Mortuary and funeral ceremonialism and a amours complex of the ancient and medieval population (to problem statement)page 66–85

Izmailov I.L.

Blade weapons of the Permien Uralpage 86–106

Danich A.V.

Complex research of destroyed archaeological monuments on a district of coastline of the Kuibyshev reservoir near Izmery village (the Spassky region of the Republic of Tatarstan)page 107–122

Gaynullin I.I., Ermolaev O.P., Sitdikov A.G., Usmanov B.M.

Some results of researches of the Ostolopovo settlement in area Alekseevskoe of the Republic of Tatarstanpage 123–145

Rudenko K.A.

The funeral rite of complexes with moulded tooles from medieval sepulchers of IX–XII centuries of the Vetluga-Vyatka interfluvepage 146–165

Nikitina T.B., Efremova D.Yu.

A fire of the Trade side of Novgorod in 1508page 166–172

Dubrovin G.E.


Entombment № 67 of Keliyskiy burial (Mountainous Ingushetia)page 173–183

Narozhnyi V.E., Narozhnyi E.I.

About building of the suburbian part of Sviyazhsk (on materials of excavations of 2008)page 184–210

Shakirov Z.G., Valiev R.R., Sitdikov A.G.


Ceramics with bast prints from excavation on the site of ancient settlement Lbishche in 2003page 211–217

Chizhevsky A.A.

Stone casting molds from the Muromsky towm on Samarskaya Lukapage 218–222

Kochkina A.F.

Researches on the Old-Kuibyshev site of ancient settlementpage 223–229

Gubaydullin A.M.


III All-Russian scientific conference «Volga Region finns and their neighbours during Antiquity and Middle Ages»page 230–232

Stavitsky V.V.

II International congress of medieval archeology of the Eurasian steppespage 233–241

Sitdikov A.G., Khuzin F.Sh., Shakirov Z.G.

All-Russian scientific conference «Ananyinsky world: sources, development, communications, historical destinies»page 242–247

Kuzminykh S.V., Chizhevsky A.A.