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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.2 (12) 2015



Research in the type of economy and lifestyle of the Volga-Manych steppe population in the Bronze Age: controversial issuespage 4–51

Ochir-Goryaeva M.А.

Investigation of the Bronze Age sites in the estuarine trans-Kama river areapage 52–82

Chizhevskiy A.A., Lyganov A.V.

Funeral sites of the beginning of the Late Bronze age in the estuarine Trans-Kama river areapage 83–103

Lyganov A.V., Chizhevskiy A.A., Valiev R.R., Eremin I.O.

Barrow of Arzhan-1, the Volga-Kama region and the Northern Caucasus: unobvious communicationspage 104–113

Smirnov N.Yu.

Ust’-Nechkinskiy fortified settlements in the Middle Kama region during the Ananyino culture (topography, layout, inventory)page 114–135

Perevozchikova S.A., Chernykh Е.M.

The Bolgary IX settlement – a site of the Ananyino finale in the vicinity of Permpage 136–159

Vasilyeva A.V., Korenyuk S.N., Pereskokov M.L.

Appearance and chronology of Textile ceramics in the Middle and Upper Volga region: critical comparison of conventional 14C-, AMS- and typological chronologiespage 160–188

Lavento M., Patrushev V.S.

New data on the city and the environs of Saksinpage 189–267

Vasil‘ev D.V.

Activities of the society of archaeology, history and ethnography on Bolgar hillfort site in the late XIX – early XIX centuriespage 268–277

Persova S.G.

“You burned out in mid-sentence…” (A.S. Smirnov in history of Russian archaeology)page 278–312

Kuzminykh S.V., Sorokin A.N.


Cultural and chronological complexes of the Murzikha IV site in the Lower Kama river regionpage 313–325

Shipilov A.V.

Sword of the early sarmatian period from the Ik-Zay interfluvepage 326–332

Izmailov I.L.