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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.4 (6) 2013


Sixth international conference in memory of G.A. Fedorov-Davydov «A dialogue of urban and nomadic cultures in eurasian space»page 6–8

Zeleneev Yu.A., Sitdikov A.G.


Trade stock from excavation the market of the middle of the XIV century at Bolgarpage 9–33

Koval V.Yu.

Art metal of the Volga Bulgaria and Bolgar ulus of Golden Horde: continuity of traditionspage 34–46

Rudenko K.A.

Numizmatic complexes of the X century from the Semenovo island (Tatarstan Republic)page 47–63

Begovatov E.A., Kazakov E.P., Mukhametshin D.G., Singatullina A.Z.

Numismatical finds from the settlement Chakma (Laishevo, Tatarstan Republic)page 64–78

Bugarchev A.I., Rudenko K.A.

Western border of Bolgar ulus of Golden Horde (according to materials of the settlements on the left bank of Sura river)page 79–95

Gribov N.N., Akhmetgalin F.A.

On the issue of reconstruction a social structure of the population, which left the Selicsa-Trofimovsky (Ancient Mordovian) burial ground of the IV–V centuriespage 96–106

Grishakov V.V., Davydov S.D.

Furniture of the riding horse (according to the Chulkovsky burial ground)page 107–117

Grishakov V.V., Sedyshev O.V.

Methodical aspects of researches of the complexes of archaeological sites in the region of the largest Golden Horde cities of the Lower Volga areapage 118–129

Nedashkovsky L.F.

Objects of importation found at the Uvek settlement (accidental finds stored at the Saratov regional museum of local lore)page 130–154

Kubankin D.А., Maslovsky А.N.

The weirs in the waterwork of the Tsarevskoye settlementpage 155–166

Savelyev N.I.

Dwellings of the merchants at Azak (according to excavations in the 2009–2010)page 167–179

Kravchenko S.A.

Eastern elements in material culture of Azak and problem concerning migrations of the population of the Golden Horde townspage 180–191

Maslovsky A.N.

Mazlumkhan-Sulu – a unique monument of Khorezm epoch of Golden Hordepage 192–199

Kdyrniyazov O.-Sh., Kdyrniyazov M.-Sh.

Concerning some rare coins of the Khorezm hidden treasurepage 200–204

Petrov P.N., Batrakov O.A.

The furnace for roasting brick from the settlement Zhayikpage 205–213

Kalmenov M.D.

Pulzhay’s ceramics of Golden Hordepage 214–224

Saipov S.T.

Physical-chemical properties of the soils at the multilayerd bronze age settlement in the surroundings of Guy townpage 225–234

Plekhanova L.N., Tkachev V.V.

Chemical and microbiological properties of diagnostic layers within the filling of medieval foundation pitspage 235–247

Borisov A.V.


International Archaeological Research Center at Bolgarpage 248–252

Sitdikov A.G.

Museum of Bolgar Civilizationpage 253–260

Bugrov D.G., Sitdikov A.G.

Defence of the Dissertations on archaeology for a Doctor’s and Candidate’s degrees at Institute of History named after Sh. Marjani of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences in 2013page 261–270

Khuzin F.Sh.

Victor Nikolaevich Shitov (1947–2013)page 271–273

Zeleneev Yu.A., Zelentsova O.V.