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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.4 (34) 2020


History of archaeology

Ethnographer and Archaelogist Stefan Kirovich Kuznetsov: kazan yearspage 8–19

Zagrebin A.Ye. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Medieval culture of the peoples of Eurasia and Muslim archaeology

Typology and Cultural-Chronological Interpretation of Kurgans with ‘Moustache’ page 20–35

Grudochko I.V. (Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation)

Mongolia in Rouran time: main aspects of the interpretation of archaeological materialspage 36–49

Seregin N.N., Matrenin S.S. (Barnaul, Russian Federation)

Threads of Metal Beads and Tube Beads in the Middle-Age Finno-Ugrian Costume of the Perm Cis-Uralspage 50–65

Krylasova N.B., Danich A.V. (Perm, Russian Federation)

Issues of Studying the Function of Signs Resembling Tamgas of the Kazakh Medieval Nomadspage 66–80

Samashev S.K. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Burial complex of equestrian class representatives from the northwestern Khazariapage 81–98

Koloda V.V., Aksonov V.S. (Kharkov, Ukraine)

To the Issue of the Distribution and Influence of Islam in the Cities of the Southwestern Zhetysu Region in the Second Half of the 8th – 12th Centuriespage 99–112

Nurzhanov A.A. (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Ternovaya G.A. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Preliminary results of study of the inlet burials on the Besinshitobe in Otrar oasispage 113–124

Avizova A.K. (Shymkent, Kazakhstan).

Volga Bulgaria and Old Rus’. Comparative Characteristics of Attire of Adornments in Reconstructions of the 11th – 13th Centuriespage 125–144

Zhilina N.V. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Monumental Structures of Bilyar: new approach. Buildings with Underfloor Heatingpage 145–158

Zilivinskaya E. D. (Moscow, Russian Federation).

Spatial Analysis of the Zolotarevka Fortified Settlement Structurespage 159–169

Belorybkin G.N., Osipova T.V., Sobol A.S. (Penza, Russian Federation).

Nord-Oriented Burial on the Muslim Burial Ground in Bulgar and the Issue of Interpretation of Iron Cones page 170–184

Gazimzyanov I.R. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Dremov I.I. (Saratov, Russian Federation).

Metallic Wares from Bagaevka Settlement page 185–198

Nedashkovsky L.F., Shigapov M.B. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Yarkovskoe 1 hillfort – monument of the XII–XIV centuries in the Tobolsk Irtysh River regionpage 199–211

Adamov A.A., Balyunov I.V. (Tobolsk, Russian Federation)

The Fragment of Enameled Glass Vessel from the Bolgar Excavation (Russia) page 212–222

Khramchenkova R.Kh., Gubaydullin A.M. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Degryse P. (Leuven, Belgium), Biktagirova I.R. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Ogorodnikov A.D., Danilov P.S. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation).

Experience of Ultrasonic Use to Stabilize Archaeological Iron Artifacts with Active Corrosionpage 223–235

Burshneva S.G. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Kuznetsova O.B. (Vologda, Russian Federation), Smirnova N.V. (Kirillov, Russian Federation), Voropay L.M. (Vologda, Russian Federation).

Index of the Authors

List of Abbreviations