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Поволжская археология

Infrastructure of Great Silk Road North Branch in Areas: Western Kazakhstan – Lower Volga region – Don region – North Caucasus

Koltsov P.M. (Elista, Russian Federation), Baitanayev B.A. (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Gadjiev M.S. (Makhachkala, Russian Federation)

page 8–22

UDC УДК 94(47+574.1).031:904


(733.7 Kb)
Infrastructure of the north branch of Great Silk Road is the valuable source for the reconstruction of integral picture of historical, ethnocultural and economical development of Сaspian tribes and peoples in the Middle Ages. The analysis of writing and archaeological sources showed that despite the success of Golden Horde cities research, the branching network of trade routes and caravanserais on the south of Russia were left unstudied. That’s why, in the paper special attention was given to attempts of reconstruction of overland roads on the north branch of Great Silk Road based on space photos, cartography sources, writing and archaeological sources. The authors suggest that not less important direction in the research of the structure and functions of the north branch of Great Silk Road is the research in the caravanserais as the interim element between large trade centers, which will allow the authors to show their place in the communicational system and to give a new outlook on the interrelations between urban and nomadic cultures.


archaeologyLower Volga regionthe Middle Agesthe north branch of Great Silk RoadGolden Horde citiestrade routescaravanseraicartographic sourcesgeoinformational systemsarchaeological sources

About the author(s)

Koltsov Petr M. Doctor of Historical Sciences. Professor, Kalmyk State University. Pushkin Str., 11, Elista, 358000, Republic of Kalmykia, Russian Federation;

Baitanayev Bauyrzhan A. Academician of the National Academy of the RK. Doctor of Historical Sciences. Director of the Institute of Archaeology after A. H. Margulan. Dostyk Ave., 44, Shevchenko Str., 28, Almaty, 050010, the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Gadjiev Murtаzali S. Doctor of Historical Sciences. Professor, Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of Dagestan Science Center RAS. M. Yaragskogo St., 75. Makhachkala, 367030, Republic of Dagestan, Russian Federation;