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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.4 (30) 2019


The Great Silk Road in the Middle Ages. Metal Science Issues

Infrastructure of Great Silk Road North Branch in Areas: Western Kazakhstan – Lower Volga region – Don region – North Caucasus page 8–22

Koltsov P.M. (Elista, Russian Federation), Baitanayev B.A. (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Gadjiev M.S. (Makhachkala, Russian Federation)

Coin Finds from the Crymsky District of Krasnodar Regionpage 23–27

Pigarev E.M. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)

The Mirrors from Nur-Tukhumpage 28–42

Bazarov B.A., Miyagaschev D.A. (Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation)

Kepek Khan's Monetary Reform According to the Results of a Study of the Coin Silver Chemical Composition by the XRD Methodpage 43–54

Baitanayev B.A., Petrov P.N. (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Shaykhutdinova E.F. (Kazan, Russian Federation).

The Usolye Hoard of Kufic Coinspage 55–67

Gomzin A.A. (Moscow, Russian Federation), Vorontsov M.V. (Perm, Russian Federation)

Ingots And Weights from Perm Cis-Urals as a Source for Studying the Medieval Measures of Weightpage 68–81

Krylasova N.B. (Perm, Russian Federation)

Funeral Inventory of the Burial Ground “Kuzinskie Hutora” page 82–98

Nikitina T.B., Akilbaev A.V. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation), Aristov A.A. (Kostroma, Russian Federation)

Hoard of Artifacts of the Beginning of 13th Century from Zolotorevka Fortified Settlement and Mongol Invasionpage 99–109

Belorybkin G.N., Osipova T.V., Sobol A.S. (Penza, Russian Federation)

The Syul'gamas With Triangular Blades as Ethnicity Marking Indicator of Medieval Mordovian Culturepage 110–118

Vikhlyaev V.I., Kemaev E.N. (Saransk, Russian Federation)

Female Headdress of the Golden Horde Time from Tomsk Ob River Regionpage 119–128

Vodyasov E.V., Zaitceva O.V. (Tomsk, Russian Federation)

Archaeobiological Studies in Bolgar and the Settlements of the Golden Horde

Unusual «Grain» Accumulations in Bolgar Fortified Settlement – what is in Basis?page 129–150

Lebedeva E.Yu. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Archaeological Objects of Different Types in the Bolgar Fortified Settlement: a palynological aspectpage 151–160

Aleshinskaya A.S., Kochanova M.D. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Archaeobotanical Investigations of Madzhar Settlementpage 161–170

Babenko A.N., Sergeev A.Yu. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Interdisciplinary Study of the Liao Empire Walled Towns of the Central Mongolia: the experience of using the archaeobotanical approachpage 171–183

Sergusheva E.A. (Vladivostok, Russian Federation)

On the Question of Leather Production in the Golden Horde: results of archaeological and archaeozoological research in the Madzhar Settlement in 2017page 184–199

Bocharov S.G. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Yavorskaya L.V. (Moscow, Kazan, Russian Federation)

Finds of Wooden Products from the Uvek Settlement (13th – 14th centuries)page 200–209

Kubankin D.A. (Saratov, Russian Federation), Solovyova L.N. (Moscow, Russian Federation).

Bone Сarving Workshops in the Trade and Craft District of Medieval Bolgar: identification criteriapage 210–225

Yavorskaya L.V. (Moscow, Kazan, Russian Federation), Badeev D.Yu. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Critics and Bibliography

The “Thorny” Path of the Archаeologist or How Historiographical Myths are Born. Review of Monograph: A.P. Zykov, P.A. Kosintsev, V.V. Trepavlov. City Sibir – the Ancient Settlement of Isker (historical and archaeological research). Moscow: “Vostochnaya literatura” Publ., 2017. 559 226–236

Adamov A.A. (Tobolsk, Russian Federation)

List of Abbreviationspage 237–237

Index of the Authorspage 238–249