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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.1 (3) 2013


To the memory of friendpage 7–14

Nikitin V.V.

A word about Rustem Sultanovich Gabyashevpage 15–16

Kalinina I.V.


The role of the R. Gabyashev to stady Neolitic Volga-Kama regionpage 17–21

Lychagina E.L.

Neolithization of forest Volga-Kama regionpage 22–31

Nikitin V.V.

Stonetools continuity of late Mesolithic and early Neolithic population of the Lover Kama regionpage 32–40

Viskalin A.V.

On the Neolithic comb-ornamented ware assemblages of Chuvash Volga areapage 41–51

Berezina N.S.

Discussion of the stady of the monuments Middle Volgas comb-ceramicspage 52–59

Stavitsky V.V.

About Neolithic pottery technology in the Lower Kama Region and the time of ancient ceramic traditions expansionpage 60–86

Vasilyeva I.N., Vybornov A.A.

Some aspects of Samara culture investigationpage 87–95

Korolev A.I.

Specificity of stone technology Volosovo culturepage 96–112

Sidorov V.V.

Chronological complexes of XXth Kuzkinsky stand in the Bottom Prikamyepage 113–125

Shipilov A.V.

Belonging and functions of stone constructions in Karelian maritime areapage 126–152

Kosmenko M.G.

Sanctuary on the Zuevoklychevskoe I settlement of the late Ananyino the Lover Kama Regionpage 153–165

Chernych Е.М.

To the semantics of plates from the village of Shilovkapage 166–180

Fonyakova (Chuvilo) N.A.

Flange sheets of Peter burial ground (Stepanov’s rafting ground)page 181–196

Danich A.V.

Archaeological studies of the ancient Turkestan: results of 2011–2012page 197–215

Smagulov Е.А.

Stages of copper coin circulation in Bulgar willayat (the second half of the XIII – the first third of the XIVth cc.)page 216–231

Bugarchev A.I., Petrov P.N.


IV International Bulgar forum «Origins, historical development and cultural heritage of Bulgarian Civilization» (Varna, Bulgary, 22–25 October 2012)page 232–236

Khuzin F.Sh., Vladimirov G., Sitdikov A.G.

On the anniversary of G.I. Drozdovapage 237–239

Abdullin Kh.M., Sitdikov A.G., Khuzin F.Sh.

On the anniversary of I.N. Vasilyevapage 240–243

Salugina N.P.