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Поволжская археология

Costume of the Volga-Kama Population of the Ananyino Period in the Context of the Development of Costume Complexes in the Early Iron Age Eurasia

Faizullina D.F. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

page 305–317

UDC 903.24


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The article features an analysis of the costume of Ananyino cultural and historical areal in the context of the general development of Eurasian costume elements. Historical and cultural reconstruction of an archaeological costume requires a synchronous and diachronous analysis of the evolution of primary costume elements. The general nature of clothing is determined by geographical and climatic conditions, and the type of economy of Ananyino cultural and historical areal. Individual elements of the costume can have a common nature in terms of the time period for the Eurasian costume of the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age, and develop under the influence of "dominant cultures", or gradually evolve from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. Men's clothing of the population of Ananyino cultural and historical areal was included in the series of widely spread clothing of the cosmopolitan military subculture of the Scythian type dating back o the period under study. Women's high birch bark headwear widely known on the basis of the ethnographic material of the Finno-Ughric population of the Middle Volga region are similar in shape to Ananyino counterparts, continuing the tradition of the Andronovo world and representing a single line of development.


archaeologythe Volga-Kama regionAnanyino cultural and historical arealarchaeological costumecostume reconstructionScythian type of clothing

About the author(s)

Fayzullina Diana F. Candidate of Historical Sciences. Associate Professor. Kazan State Institute of Culture. Orenburgsky Trakt St., 3, Kazan, 420059, Russian Federation;