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Теl.: +7 (843) 236-55-42.



Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.3 (21) 2017


Researches and Publications

Research by A.F. Lihachev and the Initial Stage of Studying the Prehistorical Antiquities of the Kazan Volga Regionpage 8–25

Izmaylova S.Yu. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Complex Analysis of the Stone Inventory from the Chashkinskoe Ozero XI Mesolithic Sitepage 26–47

Mitroshin E.N., Lychagina E.L. (Perm, Russian Federation), Tsygvintseva T.A. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation), Poplevko G.N. (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Intentional Fragmentation of Flint Products During the Neolithic (according the Pezmogty 3А site on the Middle Vychegda river, Komi Republic)page 48–69

Karmanov V.N. (Syktyvkar, Russian Federation), Galimova M.Sh. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Late Neolithic Complex of the Gulyukovo I Site in the Lower Kama Regionpage 70–88

Morozov V.V., Lyganov A.V. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Kaplenko N.M. (Naberezhnye Chelny, Russian Federation)

Hide-Scrapers from Arukhlo I Settlement in Georgia (on correspondence of the shape and function of prehistoric implements)page 89–96

Esakiya K.M. (Tbilisi, Georgia), Skakun N.N., Terekhina V.V. (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Komintern 1 Burial Mound of Lugovskaya Culture in the Kama Mouth Regionpage 97–116

Lyganov A.V. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Settlement System of the Representatives of Ananyino Cultural and Historical Areal in Viatka and Vetluga Basinspage 117–140

Orudzhov E.I. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Newly Discovered Items of the Zoomorphic Style from the Left Bank of the Lower Dniesterpage 141–154

Sinika V.S. (Tiraspol, Moldova)

Tamga-Shaped Symbols on Ceramics from the Sites of Otrar Oasis of the Pre-Arabic Periodpage 155–167

Baipakov K.M. (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Avizova A.K. (Shymkent, Kazakhstan)

Materials of the All-Russian Research Conference dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Mari Arcaheological Expedition "Issues of Preservation and Popularization of Archaeological Heritage" (August 13–16, 2016, the Mari El Republic, Yur

Results of Studying of the Stone Age Period of the Mari Volga Regionpage 168–189

Nikitin V.V. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)

Sites of Final Paleolithic and Mesolithic from the Chuvash Volga Region: the issue of cultural interpretationpage 190–210

Berezina N.S. (Cheboksary, Russian Federation)

The Issue of Chronological Classification of Monuments of the Mellia-Tamak Typepage 211–220

Kazakov E.P. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Defensive Structures of the Gremiachy Kliuch Hillfortpage 221–243

Chizhevsky A.A., Khisiametdinova A.A. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Spiridonova E.A., Aleshinskaya A.S., Kochanova M.D. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

The Issue of Chronology And Periodization of Sites from the Piseraly-Andreevka Horizonpage 244–258

Stavitsky V.V. (Penza, Russian Federation)

Kazan Archaeologists Participate in Mari Archaeological Expedition 259–271

Drozdova G.I. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Materials of the 2 nd International Research and Practical Conference "Archaeological Costume: restoration, reconstruction, representation" (April 20–22, 2016, Kazan)

Small Accessories of Women's Headwear of the Bronze Age in the Southern Urals: research and reconstruction techniquespage 272–279

Kupriyanova E.V. (Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation)

Metal Adornments of Clothing and Headwear in the Bronze Age of Western Siberia (issues of research and reconstruction)page 280–288

Umerenkova O.V. (Kemerovo, Russian Federation)

Presentation of Andronovo Costume in Museum Exposition (on materials from Lisakovsk burial ground of the Bronze Age)page 289–304

Usmanova E.R. (Karaganda, Kazakhstan)

Costume of the Volga-Kama Population of the Ananyino Period in the Context of the Development of Costume Complexes in the Early Iron Age Eurasiapage 305–317

Faizullina D.F. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

extile from the Barrows of the Scythian Period in the Valley of the Eerbek River (Central Tuva)page 318–328

Busova V.S. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Burial Complexes and Hoards as Sources for the Reconstruction of Ceremonial Adornments of the Representatives of Komarovo Culturepage 329–350

Lysenko S.S., Lysenko S.D. (Kyiv, Ukraine)


All-Russian Research Conference "1st Starostin Readings" page 351–356

Bugrov D.G., Vyazov L.A., Sitdikov A.G. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

2nd International Research and Practical Conference "Archaeological Costume: Restoration, Reconstruction, Representation"page 357–360

Fedotova Yu.V., Fayzullina D.F., Sitdikov A.G. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

List of Abbreviations .page 361–362