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Поволжская археология

Burial of a Man-At-Arms in Kudash I Burial Ground

Kazantseva O.A., Nagiev Z.Sh. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

page 73–90

UDC 904(470.53)"653"(045)


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The article features a comprehensive analysis of items discovered in male burial 160 of Kudash I burial ground – a unique source of materials for the research of interactions between the local and foreign population on the Middle Kama region in 3rd – 5th centuries A.D. The monument is located in Bardymsky district of Perm Krai. The complex of metal objects comprises a set of personal protective armament rarely discovered in the Kama region: an open-work helmet, a set of plate armour, a sword, a spear head, a knife and "crooked scythes". The article contains a description of the grave, its structure, morphology and classification of findings, as well as the results of an investigation of the manufacturing technology of the following armament and implements: sword, spear head, knife, and "crooked scythe" conducted using the metallographic method. It also features a graphical reconstruction of the warriors's protective armament – the helmet. The authors determined counterparts of the grave complex discovered at archaeological sites in the Middle Kama region and the Altai Mountains. The apparel of the man-at-arms represents a unique set of protective and offensive armament. The armour of the deceased is complemented by an open-work ceremonial helmet with an aventail, which suggests that the grave belonged to a military commander. The date of burial was determined on the basis of artefact study results as late 4th – early 5th centuries A.D.


archaeologythe Middle Kama region3rd – 5th centuriesthe Great Migration periodburial groundfunerary ritearmament itemsimplementsmetallographic analysis

About the author(s)

Kazantseva Olga A. Candidate of Historical Sciences, Udmurt State University. Universitetskaya St., 1, building 2, Izhevsk, 426034, the Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation;

Nagiev Zaur Sh. Udmurt State University. Universitetskaya St., 1, building 2, Izhevsk, 426034, the Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation;