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Поволжская археология

Chronology of 3rd–5th Century Female Graves from Tarasovo Burial Ground

R.D. Goldina, V.A. Bernts (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

page 47–72

UDC 902(470.51)”2/4”(045)


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The article represents the concluding part a series of works by the authors on the dating of burials from the unique 1st–5th century Tarasovo burial ground in the Middle Kama region. The first article was dedicated to the chronology of graves dating back to the early Nyrgynda stage (1st–2nd centuries) of this monument. The second and third publications feature an analysis of the chronology of 3rd–5th century male burials. The present work describes 160 female burials of 3rd–5th centuries analyzed from the perspective of chronology. Similarly to previous research, the three main methods employed by the authors of this research include those of formal typology, cultural stratigraphy and the nearest neighbour method. A total of 12 chronological groups were singled out asa result: 1st half of 3rd centuryA.D. (group 1); 2nd half of 3rd century (2); 3rd century (3); 4th century (group 4); 2nd half of 3rd–4th centuries (5а); 3rd–4th centuries (5б); 1st half of 5th century (6); 2nd half of 5th century (7); 5th century (group 8); 2nd half of 4th–5th centuries (9); 4th–5th centuries (10); 2nd half of 3rd–5th centuries and 3rd–5th centuries (12).


archaeologyTarasovo burial groundcultural stratigraphychronologyMazunino stageCheganda culturePyanyi Bor cultural an historical community

About the author(s)

Goldina Rimma D., Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor. Udmurt State University. Universitetskaya St., 1, building 2, Izhevsk, 426034, Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation;

Bernts Veronika A. Udmurt State University. Universitetskaya St., 1, building 2, Izhevsk, 426034, the Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation;