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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.1 (19) 2017


Researches and Publications

On the Turn of Two Millennia (60 Years of the Mari Archaeological Expedition) page 8–17

Nikitin V.V. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)

New Evidence of Serpentinite Raw Material Exploitation in the Kapova Cave (The Southern Urals) page 18–25

Zhitenev V.S. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Antler Sleeves from the Neolithic Lake-Dwelling Sites of Switzerland (the “Swiss Collection” of the National Museum of Tatarstan Republic, Kazan)page 26–37

Bugrov D.G., Galimova M.Sh. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Controversial Questions of the Early Neolithic Studies in the Mari Volga Region page 38–49

Vybornov A.A. (Samara, Russian Federation)

Study Results on Kaen-Tube Island Site in 2004 page 50–70

Chizhevsky A.A., Shipilov A.V. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Kaplenko N.M. (N. Chelny, Russian Federation)

Lebyazhinka VI Settlement: Eneolithic Site in the Forest-Steppe Volga Region page 71–91

Korolyov A.I., Shalapinin A.A. (Samara, Russian Federation)

On the Southern Border of the Forest and Forest-Steppe Cultures in the Urals in the Ist Millennium BC page 92–113

Patrushev V.S. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

On the Southern Border of the Forest and Forest-Steppe Cultures in the Urals in the Ist Millennium BC page 114–129

Savelev N.S. (Ufa, Russian Federation)

Early Iron Age and Medieval Sites in the Southern Ural Region: Context of Sources (Forest and Forest-Steppe) page 130–144

Ivanov V.A. (Ufa, Russian Federation)

Reconstruction of Female Costume From the Elite Burial Ground Taksay-I: a View of the Archaeologist page 145–156

Lukpanova Ya.A. (Ural'sk, Kazakhstan)

Experience of a Reconstruction of "Archaeological" Costume page 157–171

Altynbekov K., Dosayeva D. (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Chronology of 3rd–5th Centuries Male Graves from the Tarasovo Burial Ground page 172–204

Goldina R.D., Bernts V.A. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Mordovian Cemeteries of 3rd–5th Centuries and the Unity of Their Early Culture page 205–215

Vikhljaev V.I. (Saransk, Russian Federation)

Female Headdress from Dubrovskiy Burial Ground of 4th–5th Centuries page 216–237

Krasnopeоrov A.A., Chernykh E.M. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Beads of the Dubrovskiy Burial Ground (4th–5th Centuries A.D.) in the Middle Kama Region: Classifi cation and Use page 238–256

Goldina E.V., Chernykh E.M. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

The Seventh Century Composite Belts from Kuzebaevo Hoard page 257–271

Ostanina T.I. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Progress of Mari Archaeological Expedition in Study of Medieval Antiquities of Vetluga Region page 272–283

Nikitina T.B. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)

Ancient Russian Materials in the Perm Cis-Urals During the 10th–11th Centuries page 284–297

Belavin A.M., Krylasova N.B. (Perm, Russian Federation)

Change of Grave Goods in the Middle 11th–13th Centuries in the Burial Grounds in the Lower Vetluga Area page 298–310

Akilbaev A.V. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)

Delineating Sites of Archaeological Heritage: Methodology Based on Endeavours of the Mari Archaeological Expedition page 311–326

Mikheev A.V. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)

Mari Archaeological Expedition: People and Destinies page 327–338

Kuzminykh S.V. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Critics and Bibliography

Review of the Monograph: Mordvinia’s Tribes on the Eve of the Great Migration (Ust-Uzinsky Burial 3rd–4th Cent.): Monograph / V.V. Grishakov, S.D. Davidov, O.V. Syedyshev, A.N. Somkina. Saransk, 2016. 195 P. page 339–346

Stavitsky V.V. (Penza, Russian Federation)


Scientifi c Conference ‘Ananyino World: Cultural Space, Connections, Traditions and Innovations’ page 347–356

Chizhevsky A.A. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Kuzminykh S.V. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

On Proceedings of the Inter-Regional Scientifi c Conference on Conservation and Popularization of Archaeological Heritage page 357–359

Nikitina T.B., Nikitin V.V. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)

List of Abbreviations page 360–362