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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.3 (17) 2016


Rimma D. Goldina’s Anniversary page 9–16

Leshchinskaya N.A., Chernykh E.M.

Research and publications

Chronology of the Third – Fifth Centuries Male Graves from the Tarasovo Burial Ground page 17–58

R.D. Goldina, V.A. Bernts (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Spatial Analysis Methods Used to Characterize Bakhmutino Settlement Patterns Between the Ufa and Belaya Rivers page 59–82

Bakhshiev I.I., Kolonskikh A.G. (Ufa, Russian Federation)

Results of a study of the production toolkit from the Late Neolithic Settlement of Durankulak-Blatnitsa (Bulgaria) page 83–103

Skakun N.N. (Saint Peterburg, Russian Federation), Mateva B. (Isperikh, Bulgaria), Dimov Т. (Dobrich, Bulgaria)

The time of Appearance and Spread of the Neolithic Pottery Traditions in the Volga Region page 104–123

Vasilyeva I.N., Vybornov A.A. (Samara, Russian Federation)

Housing of the Gorodets Population Forest-Steppe Area Don Region page 124–138

Razuvaev Y.D. (Voronezh, Russian Federation)

A.Kh. Khalikov and the Bronze Age Studies in Mari Volga Region page 139–148

Ivanov A.I.

Morpho-Technological Characteristics of Beads from the 4th–5th Centurues ad Dubrovskiy Cemetery in the Middle Kama Regionpage 149–160

Goldina E.V., Chernykh E.M. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

A Clay Figurine from the Tatarskie Suksy Settlementpage 161–167

Belyaev A.V., Khusnutdinov E.A. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Environment and Economic Activity of the Pestretsy 2 Site Inhabitants on the Mesha River page 168–193

Galimova M.Sh., Khisiametdinova A.A., Askeyev I.V., Shaymuratova (Galimova) D.N., Askeyev O.V. (Kazan, Russian Federation)


Аrchaeological Sites with “Textile” Ceramics: results and outlooks of researches page 194–224

Patrushev V.S. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Concerning Absolute Date of the Imenkovo Culture Sites from the Samara Bend page 225–246

Stashenkov D.A. (Samara, Russian Federation)

Criticism and bibliography

Review of the Book: V.V. Nikitin. Kultura Nositelei Posudy S Grebenchato- Yamochnoy Ornamentatsiei v Mariisko-Kazanskom Povolzhye (Pit-Comb Ware Culture in Mari-Kazan Volga Region). Edited by Prof. A.A. Vybornov. Kazan, 2015. 364 P. page 247–250

Berezina N.S. (Cheboksary, Russian Federation)


International Theoretical and Practical Workshop on Application of Paleo-Ecological Methods in Archaeology (Bolgar, 9–19 August 2016) page 251–255

Sitdikov A.G., Vayzov L.A. (Kazan, Russian Federation), Ponomarenko E.V. (Ottawa, Canada), Rodinkova V.E. (Moscow, Russian Federation)

In Fond Memory of Scholar and a Good Man (To the 80 anniversary since the birth of P.N. Starostin) page 256–262

Drozdova G.I., Kazakov E.P. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

In Memoriam: My Teacher (75th Birthday Anniversary of R.S. Gabyashev) page 263–268

Shipilov A.V. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

D.G. Mukhametshin: Historian, Epigraphist, Numismaticist (On 70th Birthday Anniversary) page 269–274

Salakhov D.D., Khuzin F.Sh. (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Sergey Vladimirovich Kuz’minykh 65 years page 275–282

Chizhevsky A.A., (Kazan, Russian Federation)

Dmitry G. Bugrov’s Anniversary page 283–288

Chizhevsky A.A., Asylgaraeva G.Sh. (Kazan, Russian Federation)