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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.4 (14) 2015



Complex of finds from a destroyed early medieval burial in the north of Tatarstanpage 7–34

Bugrov D.G.

Polyanskoe III settlement (on the issue of exploration of the lands across the Kama River by the imenkovo population)page 35–53

Kazakov E.P., Salugina N.P.

Relationships between the Slavic world and the Khazar Kaganate on the Seversky Donets river: an ethnocultural aspectpage 54–91

Koloda V.V.

Signs on bricks of the Semikarakorsk fortresspage 92–115

Flyorov V.S., Flyorova V.E.

On fortification of ancient settlements of the western Volga regionpage 116–126

Gubaidullin A.M., Mukhamadiev A.G.

Plan of the Golden Horde Bolgar town: history and perspectives of researchpage 127–136

Badeev D.Yu., Valiev R.R.

Medical-forensic research of injuries on the skulls discovered during archaeological excavations on Bolgar fortified settlementpage 137–149

Zholobov A.I., Kiryagin K.V., Gazimzyanov I.R.

Examining archaeological objects on the territory of the Uvek fortified settlement in 2014 (preliminary report)page 150–171

Kubankin D.A.

Travelers’ notes (14th–15th centures) about the town of Caffapage 172–188

Bocharov S.G.

The most widespread glazed imports of Crimean production and some issues relating to East European trade in the 14th centurypage 189–200

Bocharov S.G., Maslovskiy A.N.


Ugric peoples in the Cis-Ural region: continuedpage 201–219

Ivanov V.A.

On archaeological definition of ethnic group: continuedpage 220–234

Izmaylov I.L.

On the methodology of palaeohistorical reconstructionspage 235–265

Napolskikh V.V.

On the role of the nomads in development of material culture of the Volga Bulgaria and the bulgarian ulus of the Golden Hordepage 266–273

Rudenko K.A., Kazakov E.P.


Bronze poleaxe from Zlatoust museumpage 274–290

Kuzminykh S.V., Vinogradov N.B.

Archaeological research at Kuchumovo hillfort (Isker) in 2014page 291–300

Adamov A.A.

Sphero-conical vessels from dig CLXV at Bolgar fortified settlementpage 301–310

Nuretdinova A.R., Belyaev A.V.

Funerary kaliga from Malaya Ryazan burial ground of the Golden Horde time on the Samarskаya Luka: problems of restoration and attributionpage 311–323

Kochkina A.F., Levykina T.A.


E.A. Khalikova’s Searches and Discoveries in the Volga-Kama Archaeology (on the occasion of her 85th birthday)page 324–332

Valiulina S.I., Kochkina A.F., Khuzin F.Sh.

A.A. Chizhevsky’s 50th Anniversarypage 333–337

Bugrov D.G., Galimova M.Sh.

Ad memoriam N.A. Mazhitov (1933–2015)page 338–340

Garustovich G.N., Gorbunov V.S., Zlygostev V.A., Ivanov V.A., Morozov Iu.A., Obydennova G.T., Obydennov M.F., Pshenichniuk A.Kh.

Ad memoriam E.A. Begovatov (1937–2015)page 341–345

Kochkina A.F.