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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.3 (13) 2015



The peculiarities of archaeological textile materials and the methods of their attributionpage 6–16

Glushkova T.N.

Issues of reconstruction the clothes based on results of archaeological textile researchpage 17–30

Orfinskaya O.V.

Conservation and restoration of archaeological textiles from the disturbed Altai burial mounds of the early Iron agepage 31–53

Altynbekovа D.K.

Ceremonial dress of the Achaemenid nobility of the VI– V centuries BC (according to findings from the fifth Pazyryk kurgan and synchronous iconic monuments of the Achaemenid time)page 54–73

Tsareva E.G.

Restoration and research of the archaeological fabric from burial of the bulgarian woman of the Golden Horde period (the end of the XIV century)page 74–91

Fedotova Yu.V., Sinitsyna N.P., Orfinskaya O.V., Vizgalova M.Yu.

Gold-metallic textile and gold-silver lace in women’s headwear of the XVIII century: results of research in the archaeological textile from Nizhniy Novgorodpage 92–111

Orfinskaya О.V., Shapiro B.L.

The medieval Bolgar population according to craniology data. Preliminary results according to the materials of 2010– 2013 excavationspage 112–124

Gazimzyanov I.R.

The technique of reconstruction the settlements fortifications of X–XVI centuries in the Middle Volgapage 125–143

Gubaidullin A.M.

Geophysical investigations in the territory of Bolgar state historical and architectural museum-reserve in 2014page 144–155

Brednikov K.I., Khasanov D.I., Utemov E.V., Nasyrtdinov B.M.

Archaeological and numismatical findings from the vicinitie of Bolshiye Atrjasi village (Tetjushy district of Tatarstan Republic)page 156–175

Rudenko K.A., Bugarchyov A.I.

Archaeometry research of silver coins of the Хth century from Volga Bulgaria (preliminary results)page 176–188

Khramchenkova R.Kh., Shaykhutdinova, E.F., _Begovatov E.A._, Sitdikov A.G.

Following the pages of V.A. Gorodtsov report «Hidden energy of archaeological monuments»page 189–204

Kuzminykh S.V., Belozerova I.V.

Classification of burial rituals of the cemeteries without burial mounds in regions of the Tsarevskoe ancient settlementpage 205–213

Nedashkovsky L.F.

Glazed pottery of the South-Eastern Crimea from the excavations of the Tsarev settlementpage 214–226

Iudin N.I.

Tatar encyclopaedic study: tendencies and prospectspage 227–235

Shaydullin R.V., Salakhiyev R.R., Galimullina G.H., Sitdikov A.G., Abdullin H.M., Valiev R.R.

Encyclopaedic dictionary on archaeology of Tatarstan:conceptual problemspage 236–248

Abdullin Kh.M., Izmailov I.L., Sitdikov A.G., Khuzin F.Sh.

Critique and Bibliography

Book Review: A.N. Sarapulov. The medieval agriculture in the Perm’ Cis-Urals according to the archaeological data. Editor Prof. A.M. Belavin, Perm, 2015, p. 249–255

Khuzin F.Sh.


10 years of the Archaeology Museum of Tatarstan Republic of Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of Tatarstan Academy of Sciencespage 256–263

Abdullin Kh.M., Baranov V.S., Drozdova G.I., Mukhametshina A.S., Sitdikov A.G.

Concerning the work of the II international field archaeological schoolpage 264–267

Sitdikov A.G., Vyazov L.A., Makarova E.M.

Сongratulatory word of the jubilijar (the 65th anniversary of R.F. Sharifullin)page 268–273

Khuzin F.Sh., Izmaylov I.L.