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Поволжская археология

The Volga River Region Archaeology Vol.1 (1) 2012


page 6–7

New findings of painted ceramics of the Abkhazian Kingdom epochpage 8–19

Е.А. Armarchuk

The Byzantine glazed ceramics in the cites of the Northern Black Sea region of the Golden Horde period (the second half of the XIIIth – end of the XIVth cc.)page 20–36

Bocharov S.G., Maslovsky A.N.

Medieval mordva as per archaeological datapage 37–47

Zeleneev Y.A., Zelentsova O.V.

«Organization Complexity Level» is a known idea in the basis of a new scientific approachpage 48–57

Shchapova Y.L.

About problems and principles of bone goods classification of the Anan’ino era (by way of weapons, hunting equipment and harness example)page 58–67

Shatalov V.A.

Occurrence of cities Volga Bulgaria and Bulgars areas of the Gold Horde (according to archaeology)page 68–77

Rudenko K.A.

Albarello of the Lower Volga region capitals of Dzhuchi Uluspage 78–93

Kurochkina S.A.


On the investigation of archaeological sites in the island of Dubovaya Griva in 2009–2010page 94–115

Chizhevsky A.A., Lyganov A.V., Morozov V.V.


Casting form from Muransky selishche (settlement) on the Usa riverpage 116–119

Stashenkov D.A.

Rare type of panagia from Selitrenny settlementpage 120–121

Pigarev E.M.

Towards the jubilee of Marina Dmitrievna Poluboyarinova

Multi-sided talent of researcherpage 122–128

Zeleneev Y.A.

Signs of artisans on Bulgar casting formspage 129–143

Kokorina N.A.

Cup of Vladimir Davydovich as proof of intercultural contactspage 144–157

Medyntseva A.A.

Exploration of remains of monumental structure in the south-west of the Cathedral mosque in Bolgarpage 158–171

Baranov V.S., Badeev D.Y., Koval’ V.Y.

Russian community of Ukek, the Golden Horde citypage 172–189

Kubankin D.A.

Rare groups of ceramic import in Bulgarpage 190–203

Volkov I.V., Gubaydullin A.M.

Classification of beads from nomad graves of the Golden Horde periodpage 204–215

Kuryshova N.P.

Animal bone remains from excavations CLXII of Bolgar city: some new methods of archaeological-zoological materials processing and appraisalpage 216–237

Yavorskaya L.V.


The Fifth International Conference «Dialogue of Urban and Steppe Cultures on the Eurasian area», devoted to the memory of G.A. Fedorov-Davydovpage 238–241

Zeleneev Y.A.